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Message from the Reverend Brian Atkinson

At the APCM on 14 April I announced that Kathy and I will be leaving Fairford next year; I reach retirement age in January and we will go fairly soon after that. Contrary to popular belief this is not so that I can play lots of golf, though that would be nice! The main reason is because, to quote various superheroes, my work here is done - well, more or less done. The reordering is complete, the South Cotswolds Team is up and running, Deaneries have merged and, thanks to you all, the finances are on a sound footing. All in all, a good time to bow out and pass the baton to a new Team Rector. However, that’s a long way off yet but I thought it best to let everyone know with as much notice as possible so that all the systems are in place for a smooth transition period and a fresh start.

Summer Fete

The Fete is back again on a much smaller scale than the Country Fair of past. It will be held at Colnside, Horcott Road, Fairford by kind permission of Mr and Mrs David Perry on Saturday 13th July 2013 from 2pm to 5pm. Lots of stalls, teas, tombola, silver band, children dancing, large raffle and lots more.

If you would like to be involved, please contact either Edna Preece Smith 713692 or Heather Gorton 712428. In aid of St. Mary’s Church and Fairford Town Charities.

Charity of the Month:
Action For Kids

Action For Kids

The charity for May is ‘Action for Kids’, a national disability charity. Now in its 22nd year it was very proud to play a part in the fantastic London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games as well as the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations.

The charity endeavours to transform young lives of disabled people removing the barriers to independence. You will be able to read in the literature, to be found on the shelf of the south wall, stories about Mohammad Khan and Jonathan Hawkins that demonstrate that by providing mobility equipment to young people they can take a more active role in sport and in so doing improve their quality of life and help them become more independent. Through various events like ‘Gold Challenge’, Fun Runs and many more events much needed funs are raised from the Public and other organisations that sponsor the charity across the country.

In addition, the Action for Kids Family Support Helpline offers friendly advice and help on day to day issues. These can range from assistance with practical or emotional problems, bereavement counselling or simply lending a listening ear. Read the story on page 7 of the booklet and you will be greatly moved. Call 0845 3000237 or email support@action for for their Helpline. Your donations will be gratefully received.

For more information write to Action for Kids, Ability House, 15a Tottenham Lane LONDON N8 9DJ or call 020 8347 8111.

Previous Charity Fundraising

After collecting the money from the south wall box for the March charity, JMECA, the amount came to £25.41 to which the PCC will add further amounts.

Parish Retreat

Thids year the Parish retreat will be the 1st - 3rd November 2013. It will be led by The Rev’d Dr. Mike Tucker.

Please contact Denny Rawlinson, 01285 711009 for further details.

Christian Aid Week
12 – 18 May

Christian Aid Week

What to expect:

  • 12 & 19 May - Services in St Mary’s Church or the United Church with retiring collections. Times to be confirmed
  • House events during the week:
    Coffee Mornings
    Soup Lunches
    Drinks Parties!

Foodbank News


The amount of goods received from St Mary's in the month of March amounted to a whopping 160kg - which I am told by Cirencester F.B. team is an enormous contribution!

Although so far, we have only had one family in Fairford referred to us, Mrs. Fellows, the head teacher at the primary school, has noticed that there are some lunch boxes that do not contain enough for growing children and that a 'top-up' box from the your donations would be gratefully received by the school to enable the dining room staff, or indeed teachers on duty, who notice that a child might not have enough, to top them up with a little extra.

We have therefore kept back cereal bars, dried fruit i.e. raisins, apricots etc, and one or two chocolate covered biscuits to help the school deal with the occasional short-fall, and will ensure that they receive this at regular intervals when needed.  I hope that this will have your approval, as many have mentioned to me that they feel our own community is a priority - and our children and elderly friends and neighbours are certainly in this category.  Sue Black is a referrer, but has assured us that as far as she knows, there has been no cause for concern among the elderly folk she meets.

We can see God working through you daily - it's been amazing to witness, and an enormous privilege to be a part of.
Wendy Graham

Jesus and Me Club, 12th May

JAM Club

10am St Mary’s Church, Fairford
Stories, craft,
fun and food
Every second Sunday

X:siteSaturday 11th May

Kempsford Primary School


X:site is a fast moving, high energy event for anyone who is 7-11 years old.

Visit the website for more information and photos. It is organised in each area by a partnership of local churches and Scripture Union.

For further details contact Joanne Roberts - Tel 01285 711386

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