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Fundraising Success

Church funds are roughly £6500 richer thanks to the efforts of: Heather Gorton and Alison Godsal and Co. who raised over £2000 with the Festival of Flowers; Barbara Ellen-Mitchell and Becky Sarjent who raised a further £1000 plus from the Cafe they ran at the same time; then Becky and Barbara again with the Country Fair, which contributed well over £3000.

This injection of cash is to the benefit of us all. It helps fund God’s work here in this parish. Thanks to all who have helped in any way, shape or form in this magnificent effort.

Thanks from Africa

The Rev’d Eric Charlesworth has received a letter from TWAM (Tools With A Mission) thanking the people of Fairford for their donations of sewing machines. These machines are sent to areas of need especially in Africa.

Charity of the Month:
Action for Kids

A national charity working with disabled children and young people, parents/carers supplying wheelchairs and mobility equipment providing opportunities for work and training. Providing a support programme to help young people between the ages of 16 to 26 to acquire life skills and take the first steps from living at home and towards living independently. Training sessions take place in a fully fitted home where they learn things from using a washing machine to dealing with utility bills. Those completing the course successfully get an OCN qualification.

Action for Kids relies entirely on voluntary funding. Donations in the box by the south door please. Taxpayers, please complete a Gift Aid envelope as well.

More information on the bookcase or write to Action for Kids Charitable Trust FREEPOST (LON 23001) LONDON N8 9BR. Tel: 0845 3000 237. Your donation will be very much appreciated.

Holiday Clubs for Children

Toybox Holiday Club at Fairford

Fairford Holiday Club: 17th 18th, 19th August
At Fairford Primary School
10:00-3:00 finishing 1:30 on final day.
For all children 5-11. Crafts, stories, music and games.

Click for a Maze Game and Word Search to print out and solve.

Holiday Club at Kempsford

Activity Days in Kempsford Primary School
For all children aged 5-11
Explore Space, 26th July 10.00 to 3.00
Be a Superhero, Monday 2nd August
Find out about Dinosaurs, Monday 9th August

For more information or to register at any of these events please contact Joanne Roberts on 07881 903045 or by e-mail . Also if you are available to help please contact Joanne

A Weekend of Celebrations

10th to 14th June 2010

A weekend of celebration on the completion of the restoration of the medieval stained glass windows which has taken over 21 years to restore thanks to the Friends of Fairford Church.

Flower Festival, Thanksgiving Service, History Exhibtion and Talk by windows restorer, Keith Barley and Concert on 14th June

Flower Festival

Restoration of the Final Window

Restoration of the Final Window

The final window being put back - 19th and 20th May 2010.

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