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Welcome to St Mary’s, Fairford. There has been a Church on this site for 1,000 years, the present one dating from about 1497. The Church, as well as being the largest place of worship in the town, is chiefly known for its stained glass windows – the only complete set of late medieval glass in a parish church in the country.

St Mary’s Church receives many thousands of visitors each year and is open to visitors between 10am and 5pm in the summer and 10 am and 4 pm in the winter. The times change when the clocks change. A steward is normally on duty.

If you intend visiting us and would like a guided tour of the building, please contact the Parish Office at least a fortnight before to book a guide at a suitable date and time. There are also guide books and audio-guides available and our stewards are happy to help if they can.

Please check with the steward for any useful ‘aids’ to discovering the church for yourself; we normally have some binoculars available to help with the higher windows.

Please note that tour parties should always contact the Parish Office prior to visiting, even if a guide is not required – indeed, it is a good idea for small groups or individuals too. Access to the church will be dependent on such things as services taking place, other tour parties or work being carried out – we do not want to have to turn anyone away.


CHURCH SERVICES SUSPENDED until further notice.

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Opening the Church – 1pm to 2pm, 15th to 22nd June for private prayer.

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V.E. Day Exihibition 23 to 25 May CANCELLED

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